Gender Justice LA is building a strong grassroots multi-racial coalition of transgender people and allies to advocate for our rights, win concrete improvements in our lives, and challenge oppression.

Our Mission:


Gender Justice LA (GJLA), which is a grassroots social justice organization led by and for gender non-conforming, two spirit, Black, Indigenous, trans people of color in LA.

Gender Justice LA organizes, holds space, provides resources, and collaborates with others so that our communities can: resist oppression, develop community responses to violence, heal from present & historical trauma, and come together in ways that feel brave & affirming.

*We know that personally and culturally, our genders are bigger than the language we have.

Our Membership:

Gender Justice LA (GJLA), is kickstarting monthly general meetings this Thursday, 7/26 from 6-7pm PST! 

GJLA Membership Meeting Flyer

In our inaugural virtual membership meeting we will discuss who GJLA is, what we do, and how you can plug in! Register for this event by clicking here

The intentions are to continue the work of power and strategy building by and for two-spirit, transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex people. We center Black, Indigenous, and POC voices of TGI people at all times but community friends (aka"ya folx") are welcome to join. 

COVID-19 Resources and more will be provided too! 

For any questions or accessibility needs please contact [email protected] for more info. 


Our Vision:


We believe in liberation. We dream of a world free from all forms of interpersonal and state violence, where our whole selves, communities, kinships, and chosen families are held in all of our complexities. This world affirms practices of collective learning, wellness, culture, and traditions that sustain us emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Our vision is to get free!

Organizational Values:


  • Social justice: Sustaining the organization and in turn membership to dismantle state violence.
  • Black, Indigenous, people of color, transgender, gender non-conforming leadership! Specifically centering those most marginalized.
  • Collectivity: Member run/led/driven organization, creating space where members can showing up for, trust and build with one another.
  • Authenticity: For all members, systems, campaigns and programs of GJLA to be transparent as to allow for everyone to be their most whole and real selves. 




  • Self Care/Community care: Struggling together with love, healing and wellness is at the core of everything we do.  


  • Commitment to a reflective and ongoing process: This includes transferring & receipt of knowledge and power as well as transparency broadly across internal and external relationships.



The Largest Health Study in LA county by and for transmasculine people has just been released! This Transmasculine Health Study Project is led by a core team and volunteers composed of trans health organizers, researchers, educators, cultural workers, policy advocates, activists, and artists working across Los Angeles County. TMHJ:LA is part of a broader strategy within Gender Justice Los Angeles and includes research and community organization by and for trans people to advance health justice in California. 

Los Angeles blade Article on GJLA's Transmasculine Health Justice Report

View GJLA's Transmasculine Health Justice Report Here!

Our TMHJ:LA Press Conference recording can be viewed by visiting our YouTube page