Continue to Live tells the story of a majestic trans masculine being surviving and thriving in Los Angeles, California. The individual journey of Gabriel highlights the physical and personal challenges that make it difficult to exist. Through music and buddhism Gabriel heals his soul and energy. While carrying emotional trauma, he finds ways to continue to live.


Paolo Riveros (he/him) is a transgender, visual artist from Lima, Perú. He began his career through photography, documenting the Los Angeles nightlife, which later developed into photojournalism, covering social justice movements. Currently, he is the resident visual storyteller at Cumbiaton LA, documenting oppressed hood communities as they heal via music and dance. His interest in filmmaking sprouted out of his need to document and uplift stories from the communities that have shaped who he is.

video by Paolo and intern Gabriel Vidal in collaboration with Art With Impact

Continue to Live from Art With Impact on Vimeo.


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