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#Out4MentalHealth is a statewide project that advances mental health equity, provides resources to build capacity in local LGBTQ+ communities, and represents a coalition voice at state-level policy discussions. #Out4MentalHealth Task Forces support local community members and organizations with engaging in LGBTQ Mental Health Advocacy at the county, state, and federal level. Each Task Force is led by local community members and organizations and open to everyone interested in advocating for LGBTQ Mental Health Equity. Gender Justice LA leads the LA County TGI Task Force.   Learn more about #Out4MentalHealth by visiting: 

Meet the GJLA's TGI Task Force Team: 

Cydney Brownis a graduate student at Claremont Graduate University, where they are pursuing their master’s degree in public health and gender studies. Cydney is deeply invested in the nourishment and empowerment of black queer and trans people and views holistic healthcare as a critical necessity for a better society. They envision the Transmasculine Health Justice Initiative to eventually serve as the model for research in trans healthcare. 

   Camila Camaleon: GJLA's Administrative Coordinator & GJLA's SOLIS Policy Institute Fellow @ the Women's Foundation


Lylliam Posadas is a caregiver and advocate for equitable and culturally responsive health care. They have experience with collaborative and community-driven research within healthcare settings as well as museums, universities, and community organizations. They are inspired to work with others to design and implement better ways of achieving wellness on a community-wide level and believes community interconnectedness itself is an essential aspect of that wellness. Lylliam received a double BA in Anthropology and Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles and an MSc in Technology and Analysis at University College, London. Lylliam lives in an inter-generational household with their family, partner, and dogs in South Central Los Angeles where they grew up.

 Candex Louie (he/him) is a nonbinary trans Hokkien-Hoisanese writer, artist and organizer based in Los Angeles creating work that centers fluidity, transness, lesbianism, and othered existence. His work focuses on continuously decolonizing reimaginings of the body, relationship, healing, and the spaces between through an exploration of touch, sensation, and world.

 Gia DacayananGJLA’s Outreach Coordinator 

 Sonia Guiñansaca: GJLA's Program Director


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