Gender Justice LA is building a strong grassroots multi-racial coalition of transgender people and allies to advocate for our rights, win concrete improvements in our lives, and challenge oppression.

Our Mission:

Gender Justice LA is a member-based, grassroots social justice organization led by and for *gender non-conforming, genderfluid, two-spirit, questioning, and trans People of Color in LA County, centering low-income folks. We organize, hold space, provide resources, and collaborate with others so that our communities can: resist oppression, develop community responses to violence, heal from present & historical trauma, and come together in ways that feel brave & affirming. We are working to create our vision. 

*We know that personally and culturally, our genders are bigger than the language we have.

Our Vision:

We believe in liberation. We dream of a world free from all forms of interpersonal and state violence, where our whole selves, communities, kinships, and chosen families are held in all of our complexities. This world affirms practices of collective learning, wellness, culture, and traditions that sustain us emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Our vision is to get free!


Organizational Values:


  • Trans leadership centering those most marginalized

  • People showing up for one another

  • Realness (authentic self)

  • Self-determination

  • Community care (self, community, caring for you)

  • Love & uplifting & struggle w/ <3

  • Social justice-y things

  • Accountability & maintenance

  • Commitment to the process/reflective

  • Transferring & receipt of knowledge and power

  • Healing & using art as a way to heal

  • Non-penalizing accountability

  • Harm reduction

  • Trust & building

  • Transparency broadly across relationships

    • With each other

    • With membership

    • With funders

  • Member run/led/driven

  • Collectively

  • Sustaining and dismantling